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Weekend Flash

Kayd Roy2 Comments
We had a crazy busy weekend filled with fun but we also got a lot done!! Ha, unintentional cheesy rhyme, anyway here's our weekend in a flash...


Spray Painting

Hanging, leveling, decorating

Then the fun...
Which included a wedding (all weddings include three elements that I love: celebrating a new marriage, eating lots of cake, and dancing like a fool)

... and a Kentucky Derby themed party (again, three lovable elements: decorating my big hat DIY style, dressing up to match the hat, and seeing my handsome hubby enjoying the southern theme too!)
I made felt rosettes for my hat just like the ones from this post, so easy!

Thankfully the weekend isn't completely over yet, so now I am going to relax with my hubby and pups!  The next post is going to be our Master Bedroom Redo 'afters'!!!! 

Hope to see you back for the BIG reveal!