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Two Years Of Hammers and High Heels!

Kayd Roy7 Comments
Our blog is turning 2 today!
Yep, it has been two years since my very first post went up!  Now, I know it might seem silly to recognize a blog's birthday, but most people celebrate the things they love right? Well, this bliggity-blog is one of those lovable things that I didn't have three, four, or five years ago, and I have found that it made the past two years all the more awesome!  Totally worth celebrating this mini-milestone, so I hope you're with me :)

With another year of blogging under our belt, I think it is fun to see how we have grown. On this day, one year ago, we had...
182 posts written, 246 followers, and 732 comments published
Today, those numbers have changed to....
374 posts written, 805 followers, and 1,896 comments published
That is crazy and awesome! I really do love blogging and having you stop by to visit really makes me smile!

As we begin year 3 of blogging, I am sure you can expect that we'll get to some more projects on our 2012 wish list  (we have completed 4 out of the 10 already, woo-hoo!) and I will be coming up with as many creative DIY projects as possible. Oh and you can certainly count on some silly Photoshop moments, like this one....
ZING! Got that posted once again, hehe!
Now, I was trying to think of a good way to end this blog-a-versary post, but I think it is appropriate to end it the same way I did last year because I can only hope for the same exact thing for year 3 of blogging....

In closing for year 3 of blogging, I look forward to every post I get to write, every renovation adventure ahead, every DIY project that comes together, every comment that comes our way, and every follower that decides to join our adventure. I truly love what this little blog has turned into, it has brought a lot of fun and happiness into my life. Thank you for sticking with us on this blog journey :)

Happy 2nd blog-a-versary Hammers and High Heels!