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A Semi-Exciting Purchase for the Master Bedroom

Kayd Roy9 Comments
As you might know from the last post about the Master Bedroom, I have been sort of driving myself nuts over finishing up the decor, but good news!  Thanks to fate Ikea's crappy return policy we have new bedding for our Master bedroom!  Drumroll please....

 Linblomma Duvet Cover and Shams- $79.99
There it is!  LOL, that was anti-climactic right?  

Yep, a new set of white bedding which is pretty much what I planned on.  I purchased this duvet cover on a random trip to Ikea because I liked the fun little knots on the closure, just a neat little detail I hadn't seen before and it adds some interest to a plain white duvet cover.
I figured I could take it home, make sure I like it, make sure Alex likes it, and if it didn't work out I would return it.....  Well, after much debate I got a little nervous about the fabric (linen isn't known for being very easy care) and thought it might be smarter to pick something else out.  Sadly, the big blue home furnishing giant refused to take it back... which sort of made me annoyed with their return logo thingy, I feel like it should say this instead so everyone reads the fine print on their return policy....
After seeing that you'd read the fine print right?!?!  Anyway, yes my bad, should have read the policy and I get that it would be gross for people to return used bedding... really gross.  But knowing I opened the package only to see how the white sham looked with the color of white we painted our headboard, I thought returning it was harmless.  Ugh, oh well.

In the end, I am just looking at it as maybe a blessing since I have been stressing about the finishing touches (aka decorative textiles & accents) for our bedroom.  So, thank you Ikea for locking me into that selection... and really, the whites are close enough :)  I just hope that 100% linen duvet cover + shams don't become a wrinkled up, creased mess when I take it out of the dryer... then I might really fight for a return- who the hell has time to iron all of their bedding?  Or who wants to?

Wish me luck on these last few to-do's for our Master Bedroom Redo:
Throw Blanket
Bedside Lighting
Two Decorative Pillows
Three Frames Above the Headboard
Accent Rug

Sounds so easy right?  I guess not for me and my craziness-ness :)