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An Intriguing Discovery From My Estate Sale Chair

Kayd Roy26 Comments
Remember that chair I picked up from "The Estate Sale With An Old House Tale"?  Well, while I was tearing it apart I made a VERY exciting discovery that made my curiosity go wild...
An old skeleton key!

Now I wouldn't be excited about finding a key in a random old piece of furniture, but this is totally NOT a random piece of furniture.  Just in case you missed the post about the estate sale where I got the chair- ... The estate sale was at a home in my neighborhood that I have been dying to see the inside of.  Even though the home was in rough shape it had all of it's original charm and character- which I hope will remain intact and restored if sold to a new owner.
So imagine how bananas it felt when I started tearing into this chair...
Thinking only about the yucky old fabrics, materials and 'seat garbage' inside only to hear...
"thunk, clink" and looking down to find an old skeleton key.  Bananas right?!? 
I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head when I saw it!

  Like I said, I normally wouldn't think much of such a discovery but it came from that house down the street...  that house I already had/have so much curiosity about anyway.
I know that key might not even be for any lock in the house, but I can't help but wonder.  Wouldn't you?  I don't even know if anyone is living there now, but part of me wants to knock on the door and just pass the key along to whoever is there.  I figure they would be curious too?

What would you do with the key?
Turn it into the homeowner?
Do nothing with it?
Any other crazy ideas for this crazy gal?

  Let me know what you think I should do. I'm dying for some advice other than Alex telling me to leave it alone :) HA!