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Head Over Heels Friday: Target Shopping Favorites!

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Okay, did anyone else catch Young House Love's "Window Shopping" post at good-old Target earlier this week?  I did and then I thought, 'Psshhhhh, what a fun idea! I want to walk around Target and show the cool stuff I like'.  So I admit, I am going to be a total copycat with this post but it sounded too fun to pass up. I always find something I am Head Over Heels for during a trip to Target or Super Target (they are everywhere in Minneapolis- the original home of Target).

Now, let's go shopping!
Click your heels together... "There's no place like Target, there's no place like Target"

First find, this purdy turquoise damask pillow.  Hmmm, does it look a little familiar?
Yep, it's the one in our Master Bedroom!  So stinkin' stylish for under twenty bucks!
Nearby were these glamorous end tables. Love the mirrors and detail in the shape!
These pillows were awesome!  I loved the design on the linen-y fabric and after giving them a squeeze I found they were feather filled- loved them even more!
 I thought the blue pillow on the right would look cute with the blue window panels below. But regardless I love the pattern & color of all the panels!
 I couldn't resist including these baskets in this post, they might look familiar too?
 I bought one almost two years ago and still love it!  We don't have any storage by our back door and it was perfect for shoes (sorry super old photo from that post, Sadie was practically a puppy then). Those little chalkboard plates still get me :)
 When I popped down the rug aisle, these two caught my eye.  I was digging the fun wool-y ball texture from the rug on the right and I liked the mix of gray/ blue that was woven into the naturals on the left.
I loved these blue and white bath linens too!  Remember Chrissy's Blue and Pink Bathroom Design Dilemma?  These would be totally cute for her space too!
 Lastly from the Home Decor realm, this open bottom glass lamp.  I thought it was totally fun and creative that you could add anything inside as a personal decorative touch!  Or if you are a nerd/nutty like me, you could put your head in it.... lightbulb!
Funny story to add here: My carpool & shopping buddy Dean was along with me on this Target trip and when I handed him the camera to take this picture he asked me something and I had to say, "What? I can't hear you, I have a lamp on my head." Oh the LOLs!
Now, no trip to Target is complete without checking out the clothes and accessories right?!? I actually have been shopping the clothes maybe a little too much (if that is possible)?  I had on their Xhilaration top and Mossimo wedges during the trip, ha!
Aren't those wedges wild, crazy, and cute?!?  Only $29.98!

One of my most FAVORITE things at Target are these Mossimo tank tops.  I have almost every color I think?  They are nice, soft, last long, and can be worn on their own (unlike see-through ribbed tanks).
 I spotted these pencil cases/ wallets today and totally want one, they are so quirky and cute! 
Well, that sums up what I am Head Over Heels for at Target... but Sadie wanted her shopping favorite included too.  Sadie puppers goes BANANAS for these "Animal Toss" toys and really, I love them too.  Dog toys usually don't last long in our house, but these seem to survive for a good amount of time- squeakers and all!
Okay, now that's a wrap!

Were you Head Over Heels for anything on our shopping trip too?
 Hammers & High Fives to Dean for joining me!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! Alex and I will be sticking around home, but I hope to get out in the sunshine if the weather permits.  If it rains I guess I will have to get around to finishing those reupholstery projects :)  Oh well, here's to kicking off summer!!!

Just In Case Disclaimer (similar to YHL): There were no perks for writing up this post. Additionally, my opinions are solely my own and not representative of any other individual or organization.