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Head Over Heels Friday: Over-the-Top His & Hers Bathrooms

Kayd Roy2 Comments
Yup, it's Friday and this week I'm pretty obsessed with something deliciously ridiculous- his & hers bathrooms... and not just separate sinks, I'm talking fireplaces, closets and "toilet rooms"- that's a new one for me.  Sound ritzy and excessive right?  Well, I have the Real Housewives of Orange County to blame for planting this idea in my head.

I admit, Bravo's Real Housewives series (any city) is totally my guilty pleasure... much to Alex's dismay.  Anyway, I caught this week's Orange County episode and the total highlight of the show was getting a peek at Heather Dubrow's bathroom...
I think it's bigger than our whole house?  I had to get a closer look at this room and sure enough Bravo has a video tour of her home where she highlights all the features of their spectacular bathroom including the seating area, refrigerator, fireplace, towel warming drawers, marble floors, flat screen TV and all the his & hers details- sinks, closets, and toilet rooms
When she highlights the toilet rooms she provides her version of marriage advice "the secret to a good marriage is don't share a toilet"  Darn, Alex and I are screwed I guess?  If only installed 2 toilets during our bathroom redo we might have had a chance... The toilets would have had to fit side by side though, LOL. That would be bad for any marriage, gross!

Anyway, I actually do like Heather & her hubby Terry on the show.  They keep it real from what I can tell, and I guess if I had buckets of moola I'd make a palace bathroom too :) Here's a few other ones I found that I am Head Over Heels for...

Are you a bit Head Over Heels for these OTT (over the top) his & hers bathrooms too? 

If you had the space would you create a big lounge-y bathroom too?

Have a great weekend everybody!  Alex has a special project in store for us, woo-hoo!