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Head Over Heels Friday: A Long Lost Twin

Kayd Roy15 Comments
It's an AMAZING Friday!!!!  Why? 
Remember this chair that I refurbished around this time last year?
Well, turns out it wasn't a one of a kind find... IT HAS A TWIN! 
No Photoshop magic, I have TWO now!  A matching set (well not yet exactly)...   
I happened to make a random stop at Bauer Brothers Salvage and sitting in the same corner where I found the 1st chair, there sat the same one.  I thought maybe I was going bonkers for a minute but then that 'I found buried treasure' crazed excitement overcame me!!!!  With Hulk strength, I picked up that chair over my head and began kicking other stuff out of my way to get out of the building. I may have also been giggling like a crazy lady... Well okay I totally was.

Anyway, the Bauer Brothers guy probably thought I was insane.  I yelled about having "the exact same chair at home... had no idea there were two... and that I got it for $10 last time"... etc.  He just looked at me like, 'why is this gal all excited about an ugly chair?'  But he let me take the 2nd one home for $10 once again! 
So, this might feel like deja vu but I'm tearing this one up and getting it all glammed up!
I've got it down to the bare bones and ready to paint!
A total find worth being Head Over Heels for!

I loved this little chair anyway, but now that I will have a matching set makes it all the more special!
Now, my question is....

Should I change the upholstery?

I'm starting to embrace more color/pattern in our home so it's looking pretty bland and since I am going to redo the other chair I might as well freshen up both right?  Adding the fabric on isn't really that hard so I think it will be worth it!

What color/ pattern would you upholster this chair with?!?!
The chairs will stay in that same room with the blue-ish gray paint.  Comment away, I'd love some ideas! Anything goes!