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A Vestibule Huh?

Kayd Roy13 Comments
One of the recent Houzz Ideabooks that I received was about "Vestibules from times past transitioning into entryways of the present".  The article grabbed my attention right away because I love anything that covers a bit of house history, but I started to realize that the vestibules featured looked very similar to the little space at the entryway of our house. 
Lightbulb moment... "so it's a 'Vestibule' huh?"  The space is strange unique to our home, complete with original 1924 tiling...
Now I'm not a total idiot (insert joke from Alex), I know what the word vestibule means but I guess I didn't know that it was the technical term for this little entryway space in our house.  I had always just called it "the little entryway room/ space"... case in point the old "Sadie Urkle" post from last year- funny to read now since Urkle is on Dancing With the Stars- right?!?!
Yes, I am a TV dork :)

  Anyway, we haven't shown this little space on our blog yet but we have taken a few pictures from it's vantage point - like this one of our staircase....
 Now you know whats been hiding behind that glass pane door!

My question now is...

 What would you do with this space? 
The Houzz article mentioned that some vestibules had a spot to collect mail, place umbrellas, or even a whole coat closet.  Our space only measures  4' x 4', so we have left it empty aside from a decorative doormat.

 Would you add anything to it? Maybe coat hooks, or a small shelf? Would that make it too cluttered?

I'd love to hear what you think, my mind has been buzzing since I read the article :)


Sorry we haven't had any update on our Master Bedroom Project, hoping for some progress over the weekend.  See you tomorrow for Head Over Heels Friday!