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Master Bedroom Update: Headboard & Layout Changes

Kayd Roy4 Comments
Our Master Bedroom redo has been on hold since I left for my overseas trip, so it has been more than a month since we have done anything with the space... sad.  Alex and I really need a kick in the a$# to get this whole sha-bang done. But we're working on it!

The next thing to tackle was turning that salvaged door into a headboard for our bed.  Thankfully the door was in pretty good shape...
But of course it still required a little bit of sanding to smooth out the surface...
... and a nice fresh coat of paint!
After the paint dried, Alex and I wanted to get an idea of how the door would look once added in as a headboard.  Not too bad right?  Really looks like it is just a headboard for the most part.  Alex also wanted to determine how high it should sit behind our mattress before he started to build the actual frame for it.
The other big change in the room is how the furniture is going to be set up. 
Our bed has always been where it sits in this "before" picture.  Even the previous home owner had their bed there, so we thought it wouldn't fit anywhere else in the room since the space is so long and narrow.  But...
Turns out that it fits just fine elsewhere in the room, and that little change make the whole room look and feel different!!!  Here is a little sneak peek :) 
I am still figuring out the little pieces of decor for the room so I can't give away the final look yet!
Plus Mr. Hammers and High Heels still needs to make that headboard frame for me us. 
For now I can't lie to you, my parents are coming to Minnesota for an Easter weekend visit with us so we won't be tackling anything with our bedroom.  So, we'll be dragging this project out a little longer.... Boo-hoo, I know, but we're excited to have family here for a visit!  Shout out to my stepdad John- this will be his second visit in the 5 years I lived in Minnesota, haha!  Maybe that will make him visit more now?!?!
I am sure we will have some fun Easter weekend stories to share- we're supposed to go to the gun range on Saturday.  Yep, the gun range.  Not sure if I'm excited about that, but I am trying to tap into my inner Angel- which means a cute outfit and feathered hair for the occasion :)  Hmmm, anyway it should be a real hoot!
Image via Charlie's Angels IMDB page
See ya tomorrow for Head Over Heels time!