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Head Over Heels Friday: Our Cheerful Spring Styled Dining Room

Kayd RoyComment
Happy Friday! 
This week I'm Head Over Heels for the spring styled decor I added into our Dining Room just in time for Easter weekend! 
 The room feels totally refreshed along with the new wainscoting, it really makes the decor pop!  Now let's get into the little touches of spring I added in, shall we?
The first thing I added in was this patterned table cloth from Target.  It was on sale this week for only $13.99!  The pattern had flowers and birds throughout, which made it feel spring-y without an overkill of pastel colors (I fear pastels).
 The little red flowers were a perfect accent to our dining room paint color, right?!? Ugh, love it!!!

Here's a closer look at the sideboard decor.  I picked up two bouquets of simple early spring flowers at Trader Joe's for $3.99 each and split them up throughout the sideboard and dining room table.
 I just love the little mix color the flowers add and the fresh floral smell too! 

Here I used a salvaged metal vent cover as a decorative base for a metal watering can filled with flowers and my mini DIY chalkboard with "Fresh Flowers" message.
 Over on the right I used our wine tasting station to hold three flower vases.  Behind the tasting station you can see one of the small decorative black metal fence sections I got at Target for $1 each.  There are three of them along the back of the sideboard.
 On the small wine tasting station chalkboards I drew little Easter eggs.  In the metal pot I added in some faux speckled eggs.
 In the center of the sideboard I placed this canvas painting I made myself.  I thought the birds theme was very fitting with the table cloth.
Each little piece springs together a lovely new look for our Dining Room.
 Before you go, here's a stop to smell the roses :)

Thank you for stopping by!
Have a Hippity-Hoppity Happy Easter everybody!