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(Corny) Easter Family Photo Fun

Kayd Roy7 Comments
Much like last year, our Easter wouldn't be complete without some fun "family" photos.
I know, it's corny but I just can't resist the opportunity to add something goofy to our photos.  A holiday theme is the perfect excuse!  That way when Alex asks...

"why do I have to wear this stupid      (fill in the blank- hat/ headband/ pair of glasses)     ?" 

I can then reply with an obvious response...

"Because it is      (fill in the blank with appropriate holiday)    , DUH!" 
Alex then usually replies with a "(heavy sigh)" but complies with my request, hehe!  He is a good sport... even though I totally know he is sporting a fake forced smile.

I got to have even more corny fun this Easter since my parents came to visit!!!  I think they even asked the same question above that Alex asked and I got to use my same response :)  Totally worked for them (and their pup Priscilla too)!
They look PUMPED for these photos, am I right?!?!

Aside from the goofy photos, we had a wonderful weekend and I loved having my parents here for a visit.   It isn't very often Alex and I get to play host & hostess for family, but each time we do I really enjoy it.  Feels so good to share our home, cook meals, and (in a small way) take care of people I love.  Makes me proud of the life we created here in Minnesota since leaving Michigan.

We hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter (complete with goofy photos) as well!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled program... aka home projects!