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I'm Headed Home!!!

Kayd Roy1 Comment
Well, my 17 day adventure is Asia is coming to a close.  After visiting Delhi, India then Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai in China, I am VERY ready to get home.  Familiar food, people, bathrooms (yep, still hate those strange floor toilets) and all the comforts of our little Dutch Colonial sound fabulous.  I have to say, home never sounded soooooo good!  But most of all I can't wait to see my hubby and pups!  

I am in Tokyo Japan right now for 2 hour layover, then it is a 12 hour straight shot back to Minneapolis!  I'm going to keep this post brief but I will have another post or two to share about my experiences on this trip.
Being silly while we walked the gardens in Hongzhou

So long Asia, hope we meet again soon!