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Head Over Heels Friday: Slow Moving Progress Captured

Kayd RoyComment
Aside from the fact that my better half will be home in a few days (which I am totally Head Over Heels for), I am really closing in on the home stretch with the Wainscoting. If someone had told me that this project would take a week to complete I would have laughed or made some ridiculous facial expression (the readers that know personally surely know the face I am referencing)......well they would have been right. Regardless of my initial miscalculation, I believe it's slowly but surely coming together nicely.

The photos below are an attempt to capture some of what I am Head Over Heels for this week.....and hopefully what Carla will be Head Over Heels for when she gets home!

Plotting My Battle

Casualties of War

Just a Little Tease

I'm Head Over Heels for the progress that is being made (even if it's just on one of my projects) and I can't wait to show the end product to all of you! Oh, and Carla too!!

My Goodness I would Look Funny in These Heels
Based on the teaser photos do you think she'll be Head Over Heels too?

As for the remaining projects....I definitely went into this time away from the misses with high hopes - perhaps unrealistic goals even. That said, my current goal is to have the wainscoting 100% complete. As for the headboard and grout....I guess we'll have to see. The reality is, that I will have a full night of cleaning ahead of me to take care of the mess I have made remodeling while Carla was away - hey, no one wants to come home to a dirty house :-)

I'll keep plugging along with the projects until they're finished up but, you may end up getting the recaps from Carla in a few days......Hope you all have a great weekend!