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Guest Blogger: Sarah's "Solid" Love for all Things Vintage

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DING... Another Guest Blogger coming up right up!
Get ready to meet Sarah, a gal that loves the beauty of vintage finds even more than I do!  Today she is sharing a bit about her unique business along with some amazing and inspiring wedding photos!

Take it away Sarah!
Hello! My name is Sarah Dreher, I am a designer, thrifter, gatherer, stylist, wife and mother. I own a vintage rental and styling company in Minneapolis, MN, called On Solid Ground Vintage Rentals. Since Carla and I orginally met because of our love for one of a kind vintage items, I thought I would share a bit more about my business and how it all began. 

My obsession with anything vintage started in high school, with collections of ashtrays to hold my jewelry or neckties I made into skirts. My collections grew and grew, and were never limited to one specific thing. Just old and interesting. It started with clothing. I would shop the local thrift stores and buy pieces that weren’t even my size and store them in a closet in my basement. “I will open my own Vintage Shop one day” I would think to myself. I occasionally sold things on Etsy, or at least took pictures of items to sell, but never made it much further than that.
Then, I met a boy and ten years later we were married.
Green Wedding Shoes
While planning my wedding, I wanted it to reflect our love for anything quirky, rare and of course vintage! I collected endless amounts of tobacco tins, blue mason jars, tin cash registers and over 200 vintage plates to outfit the most magical day of my life (click here to see the video that started it all!). Following my wedding, I wasn’t sure what to do with everything! I decorated with my tins and plates, but I certainly couldn’t keep 200 dinner plates in the minute cabinets in my 1920’s home. I decided to collect more desirable pieces and rent them out for other brides or even photographers and stylists. 
Erin Johnson Photography
I try to keep my collections rare, and reflect my style. I would never buy something that I would never put in my own home or use at my own event.
Erin Johnson Photography
One of my FAVORITE things to do is find interesting and rare pieces and style them in an out of the ordinary way! Like this Arnie’s Parts Bin for example, it would be perfect for a child's circus themed birthday party.  Just line the compartments with parchment paper and fill with different flavors of popcorn. Top it off with cute little red and white striped bags and you have an adorable snack and favor at an affordable price…..popcorn is CHEAP!
I love what I do…I shop almost everyday for new stuff and new ways to use my current inventory. It’s possible that “vintage” weddings will slow down, but vintage will never die, it will evolve. My pieces are great for birthdays, engagements, showers, photo sessions, or just a Girl’s night in. I love to help pull together the right"vintage vision" style to make any event all the more special with those one of a kind touches!

Be sure to stop by our website and blog for more information (also if you'd like to oogle more beautiful wedding and event photos!)