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Dining Room Reveal! Alex Meets the Wainscoting Deadline!

Kayd Roy12 Comments
Hello everybody! 
I am back from my 17 day business trip adventure, hooray!  I am feeling well rested, happy to be home, and I am PUMPED to get back into my blogging routine!  Not sure if you've missed my posts but I have certainly missed writing them :)

Now, it was the big project I was waiting to finally see once I got home- our newly improved dining room with wainscoting.  Seeing the blog posts of Alex working on the wainscoting was such a teaser! Thankfully, all of that anticipation was worth it because I am SOOOO HAPPY with the final look once I got home!

So, are you ready for the big dining room reveal?!?  Of course you are, here it is...
This is what the dining room looked like before for reference...
Again, another 'before'...
And the 'after', looks so nice right?!?
Now, I know from the 'before' photos you can't see much of the walls, but that was because they were never worth showing much of in a photo.  I REALLY LOVE the formal feel the wainscoting adds to our dining room!  It also kind of gives it a more formal feel, don't you think?
My hubby certainly added something beautiful that made our home even more wonderful to come home to!  Nice work Alex! Oh, and he will be back posting later this week covering the DIY step-by-step post for this wainscoting project (complete with more gratuitous action photos).

What do you think? 
Are you loving the wainscoting too?

As for those other projects Alex wanted to tackle, well he didn't get to them... because he tackled a different project all his own which had nothing to do with our house.  Had more to do with this I guess...
Yep, that is Bill Murray from the movie Zombieland.  Curious? Stop by tomorrow to check out his "other project". He-he!!!