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At Home, Feeling the Deadline......

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Working on the house while Carla is out of town has always been a way for me to pass the time with Rocco and Sadie but, I don't have the best track record for completing all of my projects in time for her return. In the past I have refinished the flooring in our living room (made the deadline), built a radiator cover/bench (just missed the deadline) and gutted the main bathroom (struck out swinging for the fences). That said, I have to buckle down to finish the projects I have going this week. I get the feeling there will be a few more late nights and afternoon pots of coffee in my future. I've got to be honest, I feel a bit like Chip....
Stuck Between a Hot Pot of Coffee and a Deadline

To recap my planned projects: I need to finish up my wainscoting project in the dining room, new grout in the kitchen/little bathroom/back entry AND get the vintage door Carla salvaged turned into a headboard for our master....Phew, this is going to be a busy week! As Carla would say, I'll need a lot of "Hammers and High Fives" in support to get this finished!

Here's a photo montage of the progress thus far......Que the 80's teen romance music now: 
Tools of The Trade

Gratuitous Action Scene

 Measure Twice. Cut Once.

 Finally Coming Together

Now I simply need to insert the center panels and throw on some paint.....seems easy right? After a final trip to the ol' Home Depot I think I finally have everything I need. Stay tuned for more results and mild demolition in the kitchen. Rocco and Sadie are all prepared for the next phases.....I hope I am too.

Wow, This is Cheesy!