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The Young Swedes Get an Old American Makeover

Kayd Roy2 Comments
Just in case you're confused, we're talking about our Ikea Dresser & Nightstand getting a new look :) Little by little, we are getting through all those little to-do's for our Master Bedroom.  Each small touch will help pull the room's look together and this simple update certainly helped!

Remember those antique cabinet knobs I picked up at Guilded Salvage? Well they certainly did the trick to sort of "un-Ikea-fy" our Ikea Hemnes Nightstand and Dresser.  We wanted them to both look a bit more ornate/ glamorous, sort of this kind of feel versus standard Ikea...
 Here is a look before changing out the hardware on the nightstand.
And here is how it is looking now...
A touch more glamorous right?  That photo makes me really want to ditch those nightstand lamps though, totally not working with the new hardware.  Here is a closer detailed shot of the knob, just has a little circle pattern to it.
Now to the dresser.  Again the 'before'...
And now, just feels a bit more special.
As I mentioned in that last post, I had to dig through a bin of random antique knobs in hopes of finding 14 that were the exact same.  Sadly, the most I could get was 12, but that worked for the dresser.  So that is why the nightstand had different knobs (but still the same finish).  Here is a closer detailed look at the knobs I put on the dresser.  They have just a touch of distressing on the metal surface, just the perfect bit of patina to make it special!
Additionally since we are talking gold finishes & accents for our room, I am thinking of adding in that oval antique framed mirror I picked up at a thrift store for $7.00.  It would be perfect right?
I also picked up some dark camel/ gold and navy velvet pillow covers!  They are looking good with our curtain fabric!
It's coming together! 
We still have a lot to do, but so far everything is working out according to our Master plan....
So, I know that was just a little step but are you liking the old world touch on the 'Young Swedes'?

See you later this week!