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The Wife is Away. The Hubby Must Stay....And Tackle Some Projects!

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With Carla "out of the office" for nearly three weeks, I will have plenty of time to tackle some projects from our always evolving "To Do" list......There are a few projects that rate high on my list for completion while Carla is away so I thought I would share them with you can have a glimpse into what my time as a bachelor is really like.

Project 1: Master Suite Headboard
Carla picked up an excellent vintage door from Bauer Brothers a couple of weeks ago and I have been intending to turn it into our new headoard....hopefully Rocco, Sadie and I can put our paws together and make it look something like the way, those tufted chairs are amazing!
Habitually Chic

Project 2: Ideas of Grandeur for Our Quaint Dining Room
In our first post of 2012 Carla hinted at the desire to have "less red" in our dining room. Inspired by a great article in This Old House (and the work my handy brother in law Brian was planning for his mudroom) I decided that our dining room needed something to set it apart from the kitchen, and given that we host quite a few dinner parties, I wanted the room to look more formal and grand. The answer (if you haven't already gathered) is Wainscoting!! I can't wait to get started on this project as I really think it will add to the classic feel created by our living room and fireplace. Hopefully it will look something like this soon.
This Old House

Project 3: Kitchen Flooring Refresher
While I have no intentions to demo all of the tiling in our kitchen and back entry, I do want to make an update to "clean up" the look.....long term. I hate to say it but, white grout in a high traffic area (and with two pups that can't seem to remember to wipe their paws) was just a bad idea. I have tried multiple sealents and still have to resort to monthly two hour sessions of bleach scrubbing. I will stand for this no longer! While I was at the Home Depot scoping out some project essentials I came across a few grout removal tools and a new darker color grout that I couldn't be happier about.....
With just a little imagination, those tired (not so) white grout lines can become so much more!......Sorry, I'm nowhere near as good with PhotoShop as my globetrotting wife! 

So what do you think - Can I pull off these three projects while Carla's out of town?
Do you like the ideas I have thus far?

Be sure to stay tuned for my progress updates along the way.....It'll be an exciting couple of weeks! Who knows, I might have a special surprise project up my sleeve too :-)