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Head Over Heels Friday: SR Harris Fabric Outlet & A Fabric Find for the Master Bedroom

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I am so happy the weekend is here!  To be totally honest, this past week made me feel completely worn out.  Between work, the house projects, and thinking about the house projects, I may have finally hit a wall.  I told the hubby that I plan to sleep somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 to 14 hours (yep 14 hours) tonight to gather back my sanity. Hopefully my energy will be restored tomorrow so I can attack more to-do's for the Master Bedroom redo.  Thank you everyone who left suggestions for the headboard! It was so nice and helpful for me to read through them since it's been a tougher week.  Definitely made me smile!

Okay, now let's get to what I am Head Over Heels for this week!  Drumroll...


Now, I am sorry to those of you that aren't local because you are going to be so jealous!  SR Harris is a fabric outlet in Brooklyn Park that sells exceptional fabrics at HUGELY discounted prices.  Everything you find is 50% off the tagged price and you can find just about any kind of fabric (seriously, check their list here).

I heard about SR Harris from a couple friends and they all said it was worth checking out.  I wanted to make my own window treatments for the Master Bedroom so I headed there in hopes of finding something fabulous.  When I walked in, this is what I saw...
 OMG!!!! The place is HUGE!  I almost turned right around because I thought I would never find anything when there is so much to look through.  Sure enough, their website does say "30,000 sq ft warehouse".... guess I missed that part?
Anyway sorry the photos are bad, I took them on my cell phone. It didn't occur to me that a trip to a fabric store would end up photo-worthy but it was!  I know I have never seen a fabric store that large before.

After taking my dorky cell phone pictures as people gave me strange looks, I decided to go forward with this "treasure hunt" for the perfect curtain fabric for the Master Bedroom

Surprise! I found it!
(I'm sure you already knew since I am writing this post) I did indeed find something great, perfect, amazing for our Master Bedroom!  Take a close look...
It is a dark khaki/ camel color that has streaks/distressed gold metallic paint on it. It was totally unique and something I haven't seen in any store before.  I loved that it mixed a formal feel with a little bit of an edge.  Alex even totally loved it's fun unconventional look... but I think he liked the discounted price I got even better!  The original price was $10 per yard, with the 50% discount that brought it to just $5 per yard.  I needed 10 yards of fabric for the window treatments which totalled just $50.00!  That's the same cost of just 2 window panels from a store, and those would have only been able to cover 1 window.  Holla!!!

What do you think of the fabric for the Master Bedroom?
Anyone else get worn out by thinking about projects too much?

Well, I feel a bit more energized after writing up this post!  Or maybe I am just slap happy?!?  Either way I better rest up so I can get some work done and start sharing it!