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Head Over Heels Friday: A Beautiful 'Junk' Filled Valentine's Day

Kayd RoyComment
Alright, that title probably sounded a bit strange, but my hubby certainly knows the way to my heart by including my strange 'junk' love into our Valentine's Day. I have to mention there was a lot more to our day that was super sweet and probably what you will think is too cheesy, so I left all of that stuff out. Here are the important "blog worthy" things...

Part of the mystery Valentine's date Alex planned was a visit to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  Which was incredibly thoughtful, as it was a gesture to help inspire my little "Creative Carla" world :)  Sure enough, I found something very inspiring... and it was made from junk.
The piece is called "Alixa and Naima", created in 2008 by Swoon. I really did feel that emotional connection to the piece partly because of the overall beauty and also that it was filled with salvaged materials (which you know is close to my heart and our home). 

The combination of materials and textures was all kinds of crazy and beautiful!
Isn't it amazing?

Another fun piece was this one made out of old shoes

Had to share... it has high heels in it!

After stopping at Salut for a late lunch, Alex continued the theme for the day with a stop at Hunt and Gather to look for some nice 'junk' for our Master Bedroom Project.  While Alex was busy eating light bulbs...
 I found this amazingly beautiful vintage trunk that was perfect for our room!
(Which I will show you more pictures of it this weekend!)

Overall, a junk filled Valentine's Day that I was Head Over Heels for!

Yes, totally weird but very fun! My hubby certainly made me feel very special on a day where love is celebrated.  I am one lucky lady! 

Have a great weekend, more Master Bedroom updates are in store!

PS- What do you think of our new blog look? I know I am loving the fresh look! Special thanks to Amber at Amber Engfer Photography for her help with the design! Amber, you are so talented and amazing, thank you!