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The Door From Beneath the Stairs....

Kayd Roy18 Comments
It lurked beneath the stairs in our basement.  The space was cold and dark, and echoed an empty feeling from the 1920's. The last true sighting of it was June 5th, 2010 when this photo was taken...
It's..... THE DOOR! 'Dun, dun, duuuuuunnnnn'!!!!!!!

Okay, that's enough of the silly door drama.  As we mentioned in our plan for the Master Bedroom, we discovered an old door in our basement that is original to our house.  We thought it would be cool to turn into a headboard for our bed.  However, our plan was foiled last night after a sad discovery.

I had asked Alex to get that old door up from the basement so we could look at the work we needed to do on it. Alex's response was "Where is the door anyway?" That's when I realized it had really been a long time since either of us had laid eyes on it. At least I remembered it was still there under the stairs.

Alex crawled into the dark space behind the stairs and turned the door on it's side to get it out.  Once he got it into the light he yelled, "Nope, there's no way we are using this door for anything."
I thought 'oh he is just being picky or difficult'.  But once I got a good look at it I knew he was right.
It was sad. It really made me wonder how long the door was sitting down there under the stairs decaying?  10 years? 20? Maybe 40?  It was pretty gross and I bet it is covered in lead paint from the 1920's.  There is no way I would want to sleep near that.

With that dream dashed, we don't have a headboard idea ready to go anymore, booo!  Also, we sold our metal bedframe on Craigslist over the weekend so our mattress and boxspring (shown below) are just chilling on the floor. Rocco is the only one happy about that, the little pup can finally jump up onto the bed!
 The bright side is we wanted to get rid of that bedframe anyway so that part isn't a bummer, but I thought we would have had the headboard ready to go.
Now that our options are open, what should we do for the headboard?    

  I would like to stick to something wood that is painted white.  We sold the metal bedframe for $90, so I can't justify spending more than that or I will feel foolish. And, as much as I would love to do one of those cute DIY tufted upholstered headboards, I'm not thinking that would look right with the fluffy white bedding we have in mind.

Do you still like the door repurposed as a headboard idea?
Should we hit up one of our favorite local architectural salvage spots for a similar door?
Or do you have a fun idea/ DIY suggestion?
We're all ears, please let us know!