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Abrupt Travel Annoucement: I'm Heading Around the World... Literally!

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My high heels will be doing some serious globe trotting during the next couple weeks.  I'm heading to New Delhi, India and then over to China for stops in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Shanghai.  I will be taking a trip around the world, literally!!! Now, I realize this annoucement is sort of abrupt and out of nowhere, I guess I didn't know when to fit it in or talk about it in earlier blog posts.  Additionally I feel bad that I have to leave our Master Bedroom Project hanging for a couple weeks... boo.  But other life adventures must go on!
Yep, I photoshopped myself into a Hello Kitty cartoon airplane to illustrate the idea
The purpose of the trip is for work, I took my first overseas work trip last year to Shanghai and I feel just like I did then- Thankful for the opportunity professionally, but more than THRILLED personally!  I believe getting to travel and see the world is something that is very important to experience in life. The only downside is that I have to leave my handy hubby and pups behind for 17 days (the longest I've had to be away, sad!).  I know that part is going to be tough, but I think Alex already came up with a surprise house project to keep him busy while I am gone :) Kind of like when he installed flooring when I was in Shanghai and when he gutted out bathroom while I was in New York.  I love those surprises! My hubby likes to stay busy, I'm a lucky little lady!

Since I am unsure if I will be able to blog during my trip I have enlisted the help of a few of blog buddies to keep Hammers and High Heels freshened up while I am away.  The hubby (aka Mr. Hammers and High Heels) might even throw in a post or two!  But, if I do get a chance to share a few photos or a fun story along the way I will certainly try.

So, I guess I am Head Over Heels for this trip! 

Wish me luck and safe travels :)
I hope to see you back here for the Guest Bloggers and to share Alex's surprise house project!

Goodbye for now