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Wainscotting Wins! Following Up with Holly & Brian's Mudroom Project

Kayd Roy8 Comments
Back in December I shared an entryway project that my sister Holly and her hubby Brian have in the works. Out of the three options Brian drew up, everyone really responded to....    
 Option #2 in the comments
Wainscoting and a Dark Stained Bench 
Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

Brian also wondered if instead of cubbies for baskets, should they build a bench with a cover that opens for storage?
I thought that was a cool idea that might give them more storage than the baskets would. 
What do you think?

Also, here is a look in the opposite direction at the cabinet they were concerned about (along with their Pomeranian's poofy tail, Lola must have wanted some of Rocco and Sadie's spotlight).
Brian drew up what the wainscoting would look like over in this corner with the cabinets to get a better idea of how it would turn out.
What do you think? 
Do you like the wainscoting all around?
Or would you leave it off the wall with the cabinets?
Or would that be weird?

Really, let us know what you think!  Makes this whole blogging thing fun, ya know!

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