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Some Action in the Master Bedroom

Kayd Roy3 Comments
It's been three long years, but we finally have some action going on in the Master Bedroom!  Alex is doing some nice stripping and I am putting on a skimpy little blue number.
In case you have your mind in the gutter...
 We're talking about stripping some poorly executed plaster wall repair left behind from a previous owner using a belt sander and putting up our trusty blue painters tape.
All in preparation to FINALLY attack our Master Bedroom redo!!!  This project is long overdue (three years in the making) and I am thrilled it is finally underway.  Not to mention we are getting closer to checking one of our projects off our 2012 wishlist!

I'll share more soon about the 4th "Little Behr" we took home and fell in love with for our room.  But for now, I have to get back to the dirty business in the master suite.  And I mean REAL dirty...
Note: My hubby isn't a "silver fox" yet.  That is all dust from sanding, it's yucky business.

See you tomorrow for our paint color selection!