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New Year, New Projects, Old Feel

Kayd Roy6 Comments
It's our first post of 2012, woo-hoo! 

With 2011 behind us, Alex and I started discussing our "house project" wish list for 2012.  When we looked back at 2011, the only big projects we tackled were installing flooring in the Spare Room, building a Radiator Cover/ Window Seat, and installing our Wood Privacy Fence (we aren't counting the big repairs from the tornado since we didn't do them).

I know that is still good, but compared to our 2010 projects we didn't really get to many improvements on our house last year (wa-wa). At least I can't blame us, it was that darn tornado- it really put a dent in a lot of plans for 2011! One being our Master Bedroom Redo, I have been dying to get our bedroom decorated for almost 3 years now, grrrrr!  That is a long time to be in a big, echo-y, style-less, blank room for this gal! So that is at the top of our project list (Alex knows I will go BANANAS if we don't get to it soon).

Here's a look at the whole wish list (I don't have photos for all yet)...

#1 Master Bedroom Redo, barf...
#2 Finish decor in guest room (I totally did slack on that, boo!)

#3 Build shelves in the office/ den & finish decorating

#4 Add storage to the kitchen nook (we are desperately in need of more storage in the kitchen)

#6 Dining room update (aka operation less red)
#7 Stain the deck (very long overdue!) and add lattice

#8 Add more landscaping (aka learn how to landscape/ garden)

#9 Tile the shower... maybe?

#10 Install new counter tops in kitchen... maybe?

Hopefully we can make some of these changes this year. All would be great but I realize that is a lot of project$. We'll be digging a bit more into timing and budget, but remember it is a wish list!

The thing I am looking forward to the most with these projects, is just working with Alex and writing about each experience. I know that sounds strange because really, that is the point of our blog.  But when I looked back at 2010 I realized the blog was more"we" and in 2011 it became a lot more "me". Without lots of house projects, our blog mainly focused on our tornado damage repairs and my DIY craft/ decor projects. I missed the interaction with my hubby writing up funny posts about our adventures in home improvement.  I hope to bring back some of the style along with all my fun DIY crafts & decor projects!  Maybe you noticed that difference, and maybe you didn't, I'm just glad you are still along for the ride!

Anyway, I am excited to kick off 2012 getting back to the heart of our blog:
 Trading in my High Heels for a Hammer and continuing the journey on our little 1924 Dutch Colonial.