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Kitchen Nook Progress... Slowsky Style

Kayd Roy9 Comments
It's time for an update on the action happening in the Kitchen Nook!
I admit, we have been real "Slowskys" with this Nook project which makes me feel a bit guilty.
Note: Alex is the grumpier looking turtle
In case you missed the last post about the Nook (click here for the link), we wanted to add a Hutch to the space in order to gain some more kitchen storage.  The photo below is a look at the Kitchen Nook before we started tinkering with the space. We only had those open corner shelves and a couple shelves under that bar table.
Once we moved the bar table and added in the hutch (which I scored for only $40), we knew we would have to take down those open corner shelves.  It would have looked super goofy keeping them up since one was hidden behind the hutch.
(My apologies for the mess, it happens during the work)

Alex took them both down and patched up the holes where they were hung. PS- if you are local and interested in taking those corner shelves off our hands send me an email! 
After patching, Alex got the walls repainted and looking fresh (we'll cover that in our 'After' post).

Now, for the hutch that was screaming for a makeover...
As I mentioned in the last post, I was SUPER excited about this $40 find but it needed some work.  I tore out those gross fabric shade covers and picked up some glass for the top cabinet doors at North End Hardware.  I highly recommend North End Hardware if you need replacement glass, they cut it for you on the spot!  Total cost for 2 pieces of glass $12.64!
I also got the new cabinet hardware picked out.  I thought stainless steel knobs and drawer pulls would look much more elegant than the plastic white knobs.
That's the update for now.  Sorry, I realize that might have been anticlimactic, but like I said we have been Slowskys.  I think we have narrowed down our choice for the opposite side wall though.  Fingers crossed we can get it all done over the weekend, wish us luck!

  Can't wait to post about the final look!