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Goldilocks and the Three Behrs

Kayd Roy2 Comments
There once lived a girl with golden locks who was very fond of home decor.  She often spent her time dreaming up ways to make her living spaces more beautiful.
One day, she walked and walked until she found a big orange building. There, she was given three little Behrs of inspiration.
She brought the Behrs home in hopes of finding the right fit for her and her husband's sleeping quarters.  Each little Behr settled in to what they hoped would be their new home. 
Then, after reviewing three little Behrs in different lighting she began to realize something about each one.
The first Behr was too green-y
The second Behr was too brownish.
The third Behr was too black, like straight colorless black.

None of the Behrs were quite right. So the girl with the gold locks wandered back to the big orange building in hopes of finding a Behr that was just right.

The End To Be Continued

Okay, we're still working on the Nook, but we've also been trying to narrow down a paint color for our Master Bedroom. I think we have been trying to pick a color for a year now, I might even think about it in my sleep. I guess we'll see if we can make a final decision soon, at least we agreed on a direction to head in!

Also, to write this post I had to re-read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  After refreshing my memory on the details of the story, it made me think about how rude and crazy Goldilocks was.  I mean, really, who breaks into someone's house, eats their food, breaks their furniture, and then passes out in a strangers bed?!?  Goldilocks was one crazy stupid lady. 
Have a great week everyone!  I'll be posting follow ups for these projects and more soon!