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Rustic & Vintage Touches for Holiday Dining

Kayd RoyComment
As "Our Merry Little Vintage Christmas" theme rolls on, it's time to show you some holiday JOY in our Dining Room...
Like our Mantel and Staircase, we continued the same vintage feel into the Dining Room while adding in a few rustic touches.  Let's take a look at our sideboard....
In the center, I placed our large antique breadboard from Bachmans as a backdrop.  On top, I layered on a rustic barn star and "JOY" wood letters I bought at Michael's and spray painted with Rustoleum's gold metallic spray paint.
I kept the wine tasting station on the sideboard in case we use it for any entertaining.  I decked it out with a vintage metal ampersand, our DIY antique spoon napkin rings, and my favorite- ANTLERS!!!
I still loved using this antique wood caddy as a wine rack, felt perfect with the vintage/ rustic feel!  I added in a few ornaments, pine cones, red holiday ribbon, and vintage number buttons. 
I still think my favorite detail is this antique window's peak.  It is rustic and somewhat gothic, just adds to the authentic look and feel.
Above our sideboard (and yes I know these pictures are terrible, I need to learn techniques for dim lighting) I hung 2 smaller wreaths in each window with ornaments, matching ribbon, and more vintage number buttons.
Above all the windows, I used gold and natural branches.  I hung ornaments from the branches and weaved ribbon around the larger windows. 
I decorated our pendant light with more natural branches and some faux berry branches from JoAnne's.  I hung more ornaments and pine cones here as well.
Lastly, over in the corner we have an antique wire basket where I placed my antique table linens with the mini bread boards I got from Diana at Our Vintage Home Love.  I wrapped the basket with gold ribbon and dropped in some pine cones that I lightly coated with spray paint to make them shine a little more.
So, that's it so far in the Dining Room.  I know you might be wondering about the table, well ME TOO!  I haven't come up with a fun table scape or centerpiece just yet, so stay tuned! 

Well, that wraps up day 4 of Christmas Decor week.  Hope to see you tomorrow for the BIG FINALE!
 I'm sure you know what that means, it's time for THE TREE!!! 

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