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Our Simple Silly Christmas

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Well, it's over. 
I still sort of can't believe it, but Christmas is gone until next year.  It all went by so fast!  As I mentioned in our last post, Alex and I decided to stay in Minnesota this year instead of trekking back to Michigan with the pups to visit family.  It was kind of sad, but we did our best to make sure our "Christmas for Two" was Holly and Jolly...

Christmas Eve kicked off by acknowledging Mr. Rocco's 4th birthday.  He looks excited about it right?
Then we got all gussied up to head out to dinner and a show at the Guthrie.  Alex's parents got us tickets to see A Christmas Carol since we were hanging back in Minneapolis.  So sweet!
 I didn't take a photo during the show of course, but I had to get at least one before it started so I could capture a little bit of the experience.
 The show was great and I really felt the Christmas spirit.  Tiny Tim got me at the end with his "And God bless us, everyone", tears welled up in my eyes... until I caught Alex looking at me and saying "Oh geeze!".

After the show, we headed out on the Endless Bridge over looking the Mississippi.  If you ever visit Minneapolis make sure to stop at the Guthrie Theater. The building is very unique and you can wander around without any show tickets!  The Christmas Eve view of the Stone Arch Bridge was simply beautiful! 
Christmas Eve even got better once we got home to discover Mannequin on TV, haha! 
Ahhh, cheesy 80's movie, thank you Santa!

Then it was Christmas Day!
We really missed our family a lot, but we had fun with our own little "family" (aka lots of dog photos). We gave our "kids" their presents....
Baked them little cookies dog biscuits...
...made them work for it :)
And finally cooked up a yummy dinner! 
Alex made maple bacon wrapped Cornish game hens with raisin apple cornbread stuffing- tasted very Christmas-y!  Duning the food prep (which included dancing chickens), I noticed someone lurking in the shadows behind Alex...
Alex kept bumping into her while he was trying to cook.  I thought it was funny, he didn't :)

After dinner Alex and I cozied up by the fire and watched a couple Christmas movies.
It was simple, cozy, and I guess a strange way to spend Christmas, but we enjoyed it!  Now, onward to the New Year!!!  We hope you had....
~ Alex, Carla, Rocco, and Sadie