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Our Merry Little Vintage Christmas Mantel

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I'm so happy to share our Christmas mantel today!  It's also the first glimpse at our overall decor theme for this holiday season.  I added in a lot of vintage elements into most of our decor so it has an overall rustic and cozy feel.  Because of that, I ended up calling this year our...

Merry Little Vintage Christmas

When it was time to start decorating for the Christmas season, I was feeling very inspired by a few of the new antiques Alex found for me.
Like the vintage croquet set he found in Traverse City and this antique cast iron coal bucket.  I added some birch firewood to the coal bucket, I love the rustic look of birch logs!
I used my antique metal light bulb covers with gold candles inside on each end of the mantel.
I included oversized jingle bells as decorative ornaments along with these cute glass bulbs with strips of printed book text inside that I picked up at Finch's Boutique over the weekend (made by Dr. Von Berke).
As the centerpiece to the mantel, I used one of the croquet mallets tucked in with green garland, gold branches, and rustic red & gold ribbon.  Sort of fun and unexpected!
On the left side, I put three of the vintage croquet mallets in a tin floor vase along with a metal lantern, birch candle, and a couple croquet balls (Rocco keeps pawing at the croquet balls, at least I know who the culprit is if they go missing).
I always like to have a seasonal message along our mantel and this year I made it myself!  I cut out oval shapes from white card stock and used a stencil to create the letters.  Then, I just hung each letter from twine with ornament hooks and added in more ornaments in bronze & gold colors.
On each side, I have the linen-like stockings I made weighted by my torn book stacks wrapped with gold ribbon (click here for the DIY stocking tutorial).
Here's an overall glance again.

So, what do you think of our Merry Little Vintage Christmas Mantel???

I know I am a fan!  It feels just so cute and cozy!  It only gets even better when it becomes WARM and cozy....
(Sigh) I just love the warmth that Christmas brings to our home!

See you tomorrow for our Banister and Stairwell (Merry Little Vintage) Christmas Decor!

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