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A Merry Message Along Our Staircase

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Forget the stair banister decorations, I am LOVING the stairs themselves thanks to this merry little message!
After seeing the "T'was the Night Before Christmas" staircase at this year's Holiday Idea House, I knew I had to spruce up our steps with a cute holiday message too!
Their version was made with laminated paper, ribbon, and stencils....
 Hmmm... that sounded somewhat time consuming to me, so I opted to skip stenciling and print out our message on cardstock paper (yep, hit the 'Easy' button).  I started with this vintage french music sheet graphic I found here on The Graphics Fairy
I stretched it a little bit to a 12.5"x 5"size and added our "And Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Now" text on seven separate sheets to cover the seven middle stairs in our staircase.
After printing and cutting, Alex measured out the the centered placement for each step.

In order to preserve the paint, we used 3M Command Adhesive Poster Strips opposed to regular tape to adhere the paper to each riser (at least we hope they work as well as they say in commercials we'll be re-painting them in January).
I also decorated our banister.  Instead of green garland, I used dark red velvet ribbon with gold and bronze ornaments.
I also added in gold and natural branches with a few snow covered pine cones.
The staircase is front and center when you enter our home. So this is what you see when you walk through the door...
Feels fun and merry right away!!!
What do you think? I love that it matches the vintage feel of our mantel as well!

Alas, it still isn't nearly as cool as what we did with our stairs last Christmas (but how the heck can we top that?)!

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