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Vintage Finds From Michigan To Minnesota!

Kayd Roy6 Comments
I am the lucky new owner of quite a few vintage items this week!  As I mentioned on Monday, Alex was in Traverse City Michigan for the Iceman Cometh Challenge (while I got busy painting without permission- which I will follow up on later this week)Anyway, my hubby was such a sweetheart and brought me home a couple unexpected presents! 

While in Traverse City, he spotted this vintage Ironing Board and Croquet Set at an antique shop and snatched them up to surprise me!
I just loved them!
 He really knows the way to my weird heart... random old stuff :) 
 I was sooooo GEEKED!  Especially because I just saw an antique ironing board at Bachman's Fall Idea House used as a sofa table.
Not completely sure if I will do the same thing with the board. I might have to see what it looks like in a couple rooms!

During the time Alex was gone, I did some thrifting of my own too and boy did I hit the jackpot! 

The first item I found was this oval gold framed mirror for $7.00!!!!  Crazy awesome deal right?!?!
 (Gratuitous Rocco photo included)

Oh yea, I totally scored with that DEALY-O!

My second find were these vintage embroidered pillowcases.  I thought they were beautiful and ooozed a vintage/ handmade feel.  Plus, they were only $0.99 each!  I couldn't pass them up!
My last, and perhaps favorite find from my trip was this vintage chenille bedspread.
I have been on the search for one of these to call my own for quite sometime.  
My grandma had one just like it, only in a white/ pink combination.  Growing up, the only time I saw a bedspread like it was at her house.  So for me, it is another sort of sentimental thing that reminds me of my grandma (like a couple other antiques we have in our house).
Besides that mushy stuff, of course I also think it is a unique and beautiful vintage textile I can add to my growing collection!   I was able to happily take this home for only $8.00! Not sure where it will end up exactly, but you can't go wrong with items you truly love (and feel connected to)!

Now I need to go play with my new 'toys' and figure out where they should go! Along with washing, bleaching, and ironing the bedspread and pillowcases (a must for used textiles of course).
What do you think of the goods????
What would you do with the vintage ironing board & croquet set???