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Is it Easier to Ask for Forgiveness Than it is to Get Permission?

Kayd Roy4 Comments
  I had to ask myself that question over the weekend....
My hubby (& DIY partner-in-crime) was in Traverse City Michigan this past weekend for the annual Iceman Cometh Challenge.  I had a plenty to keep me busy and a couple get-togethers with friends, but I couldn't keep my mind off painting the office.  Ever since the painters finished up the ceiling I have been DYING to get the walls re-painted.  Alex reviewed and approved the inspiration image I found for the room (click here to read the post), but we never officially picked the paint color.

So, I thought back to that age old question- Is it easier to ask for his forgiveness than it will be to get permission???

....I answered "YES"!
Waaahahaaaa (evil laughter)

Pretty excited about getting rid of that gray!  I'll let you know if I get in trouble, hehe! The hubby is headed home as we speak!

Stay Tuned............