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Head Over Heels Friday: A Furry & Faux Fabulous Winter

Kayd RoyComment
Happy Friday everybody!  Time to get my Head Over Heels post on!

With winter soon approaching, I have been checking out the latest cold weather accessories. What I have been finding is TONS of faux fur and you know what?  I am Head Over Heels for it!!!  I never thought I would say that considering I used to think wearing lots of fur looked kind of silly, but everything seems so fun, fresh, and glamorous!  I guess I can't ignore Rachel Zoe and her fur vests anymore, I am loving me some faux fur!

Here are my favorite faux finds...

I can certainly see myself sporting a few of these items, especially around the holidays.  There is just something fun and a bit glamorous about a little fur accent with an outfit.

So what do you think?
Have you been seeing a lot of fur out there too?

I will be following up about our newly painted office tomorrow!  See you then!