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Craft Night Series: A Yarn Wrapped Wreath With Felt Rosettes

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Introducing the new Craft Night Series!

With the holidays approaching, a few of my friends and co-workers thought it would be a fun idea to do a few "craft night" events.  Here's the idea: we each take a turn hosting a craft night at our home, the host decides on the craft (which has to be something holiday themed- decor, gifts, etc.), and there of course is wine, lots of food, and fun conversation all while crafting away!  Kind of makes us sound like a bunch of old folks or something, but it is SO MUCH FUN!  I think it is a great way to attack the holiday early in a fun, non-stress way!

Our first ever Craft Night was hosted by my friend and talented handbag & accessory designer Ally (check out her blog & bags here).  The craft she chose was Yarn Wrapped Wreaths with Felt Rosettes.  Here's a peek of mine...

Here are a few pictures of the set up.  Lots of food, wine, crafting supplies, and the crafting gang- Marissa, Sarah, Dean, Ally, and myself (behind the camera). Maybe our crafting gang will grow too?!?
The tutorial is pretty simple, you just need a foam core for the wreath, yarn, sewing thread, and felt (or any other decorative items you want to use).

To start, you just need to wrap the yarn around the foam wreath.  This part can take a while, but that is where the fun conversation makes 'craft night' all the more special.
Dean did find a faster way to wrap the yarn when he took the 3 colors he was using and wrapped all together.

After you have your yarn wrapped wreath, you can start adding the decorative items.  Ally is an expert at making rosettes, so she showed us all how to do them.  I took some photos of her as she cut and made the rosettes and I included a couple illustrations to outline the process...

Pretty simple and fun right?  We also cut out a few pieces of felt in the shape of leaves to add more detail. To finish it off, we all made a braid out of yarn and attached around the top to hang the wreath.

Here is our creepy family portrait group photo after we finished our wreaths (and our wine, LOL)!
I love how each wreath turned out totally different and personalized.  Sarah's (2nd in from right) had glittery leaves, a bow, and feathers- I kept referring to it as the "Beverly Hills" version of the yarn wrapped wreath :) Just shows that this craft is fun, easy, and you can do just about any look with it!

Here's a couple more pictures of my wreath once I got it home.  I hung it from my vintage numbered hanger near the front door.

I just love the rosettes!  So excited I know how to make them now, I might even make a couple for pretty gift wrapping!

Our first craft night was such a blast! Ally did an amazing job hosting! I can't wait for the next one, it will be my turn for hosting, eeek!!! 

What do you think of the wreaths? 
Are you thinking about starting a Craft Night with your friends too? 

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