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A Whole Ceiling In the Guest Room, Attic Insulation, and Our Giveaway Winner!

Kayd Roy2 Comments
In case you haven't heard...
 Well, five months later I am so, so, sooooo happy to finally annouce that we no longer have a hole in our Guest Room!  AT LAST!!!
Even better?  We have insulation put back in our attic too! I was beyond happy to see the guys from St. Croix Insulation again.
The last time we saw them was back in August when they came by to suck out all the old/ damaged insulation.  Once this beautiful Summer like weather departs and the cold comes back to town we can actually turn our heat on without watching it all shoot out the roof.

It feels so good knowing our house is getting closer to 'normal' and I can't wait to have all of the repairs finished up.  We are now waiting on painting for the interior and sanding/ refinishing our floors.  Means I really need to get going on picking my paint colors, eeek!

Now, onto our

Thank you to everyone that left a comment to enter! It felt a bit scary putting out our first giveaway, but I am happy we got responses!  I will have to do another one soon!

Alright, drumroll..... the Pawmetto Pet Treat winner is...

Carol from The Polka Dot Closet! Shoot me an email with your address and they will get shipped out right away!  I hope Martin and Billie enjoy their fun new treats from Pawmetto!
For those that didn't win, you can get 20% off an order using the code (blogpromo9).

That's a wrap!  Happy Monday everybody!