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We're 'Going Postal' Over Our Fence Progress! Plus, a Giveaway Annoucement!

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It was mid September when Alex and I ripped out our ugly (and smushed) chain link fence in order to prep for the installation of our new fancy wood privacy fence.  It took us a little while to finalize our fence style decision and make sure we were following the 'rules' (click here for Fence Requirements in the City of Minneapolis).  Basically, the main rule to follow in Minneapolis is that the fence can't be any taller than 6 feet in a backyard and that your zoning/ site plan is within your property line. Check, and check! (Thankfully, our team from Dry Tech also helped us with these details even though they weren't installing it, bonus!)

After we got the a-okay on our plan it was time to order the supplies.  We decided to go with the basic Treated Pine Dog Ear style fence.  The price was within our budget and honesty (as I said before) we really don't care what it looks like as long as it is a 6' tall wood privacy fence (goodbye alleyway and neighbor's garages!).
We found the best price at Menards, but we usually like to shop at Home Depot (Random Fact: Alex is an extremely loyal HD shopper, he worked at the pro desk there in his teen years) so we asked if they would price match... and they DID!  Yay!  Alex ordered the posts, cement, 8' sections of fence panels, and rocks.  We had everything delivered for only $50 extra, which wasn't bad at all for all the stuff we would have had to haul ourselves. 

Once the supplies were delivered, Alex knew it was time to start digging!
Ready? Here's Alex's 'going postal' fence post installation!

DISCLAIMER: I am covering the steps briefly and I didn't get tons of pictures- I actually didn't have to slave away in the backyard on this part of the project (I admit, I was happy about that!).  This was ALL Alex! So don't sick the fence police on me if I left something out :) Here we go...

 Sadly, the posts we removed from the chain link fence were 10' apart, and we needed our new posts to be 8' apart, so my poory hubby had to dig all new holes.  Sorry for the blurry picture!
PS- we learned that you can rent a post hole digger for around $50-$75 for a day. Alex learned this after digging most of the holes, so he just kept on going but just an FYI for others out there :)

 After all the holes were created, it was time to cement in the posts.

Before any cement could be added, Alex had to level each post.  He cut small planks of wood (measuring 1.5' in length) from scrap then nailed the small planks to the bottom section of each post.  With the small planks attached to the posts (sort of like a bike kick-stand) Alex was then able to use his level and adjust each post to ensure they were upright and level. 

Alex then mixed up the concrete to prep for pouring in the holes.

Next, in the concrete went to set the posts in place!
Now, we just have to wait for the concrete to dry!

We have a busy week ahead of us but the plan is to get the fence panels up this weekend, stay tuned!
Announcement!!! Thursday we are having OUR FIRST GIVEAWAY...EVER!!!!  Please make sure you stop by to enter!  As a hint, these knuckle-heads might have something to do with it :) 
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I love how Rocco managed to 'photo bomb' Sadie's picture like a darranged teddy bear! Haha!  Make sure you stop by Thursday if you are as crazy about your pups as we are about our little Rocco and Sadie!