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My Easy Year-Round Update For Summer Pottery Barn Pillow Covers

Kayd Roy1 Comment
A couple of weeks ago I was cruising through Pottery Barn and found these lovely pillow covers in their summer clearance section.  They were 100% linen with a faux bamboo ring closure.
 They were regularly priced at $35.99 each and the clearance price was only $13.99!  I loved the material and neutral colorway, but I knew that those bamboo rings made the pillow seem very summer-y.  I thought, hmmm, I could change that pretty easily and I couldn't resist the 60% off deal.
 So, I bought two of the clearance pillows and brought them home to un-summer them.

I grabbed the bolt cutters and cut both of the bamboo rings off.
 They weren't flexible at all, so I had to pull them out carefully to ensure I wasn't snagging the linen fabric loop.
With the bamboo rings removed, the pillow was already looking more 'year-round'.
 I picked up these antique style metal rings at JoAnne's for $1.99 (2 rings in each package).
 Next I clipped these as well with the bolt cutters to open up a small slit in the ring.  Then, I just carefully slid both of the metal rings into the linen fabric loop.
 Easy as pie!
 Here is a finished look!  A LOT less summer-y right?!?!
The neutral style of these pillows will make them perfect for layering on some fall and holiday season decorative pillows.

I am thinking these pillows will eventually go on the radiator bench in our Sunroom (click here for our DIY Steps to Build Your Own Radiator Cover). 
I did have all the burlap pillows I had sewn on the radiator bench, but I've grown a little tired of them and I've been itching to update this little space some more.  So look out!  I anticipate a whole lotta pillow sewing a coming!