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Interior Repairs Begin!

Kayd Roy3 Comments
It's the day I have been eagerly awaiting ever since the exterior hole in the roof got fixed, we are FINALLY getting started on the interior repairs!  Which includes that other hole that ruined our guest room and a WHOLE bunch of other repairs that mainly focus on water damage (all of this stems from the May 22nd tornado). Our guys from Dry Tech came by to prep the house for all the work to begin.
So, now we have the best door decor ever! Our Permit Notice!!!! Weee-hoo!
Don't come a knockin' because our place be rockin' with repair work!

Now, I have mentioned before that the upstairs is a complete mess since we had to shift everything in the Guest Room into other rooms.  Well, most of it landed in our bedroom and the Office, here is what the Office is looking like today...
The construction team only needed to work on the front half of the room doing some sanding and resurfacing on the walls and ceiling where there was water damage.  So they were able to move everything back against the wall, which I found sort of funny, like they played Jenga or Tetris stacking all of our random stuff, ha!  But, once painting begins all of that will need to come back out, yuck!

Just next to the Office is the door to the Guest Room which is looking like this...
Lots of plastic wrap to contain the big ol' mess that is about to happen I assume?

Alex and I were of course curious what was behind all that plastic wrap and tape so we took a peek inside...
They carved out the plaster surrounding the hole and the rest of the room (walls, floors) was covered with protective plastic sheeting.
OH BOY!  I am sooooo looking forward to saying goodbye to tornado hole damage #2 on our house! Stay tuned!

Also, remember to stop by tomorrow for our FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY that I mentioned (and gave hints about) yesterday!  Hope to see you then!