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Head Over Heels Friday: The 'At Home Date Night'

Kayd Roy4 Comments
Happy Friday everyone!  I'm so glad the weekend is here, things have been soooo busy at work and at our house this week (repairs are going well!).  Alex and I are in need of a little break before we he has to finish up our fence install.  I can't think of anything better for this evening than being at home with my hubby! So, I feeling Head Over Heels for the 'at home date night'!  

We consider the 'at home date night' to be an evening at home where we aren't doing anything but cooking....  
 (it fits our DIY style)

...enjoying some wine, laughing...

...listening to music, talking, and just trying to relax.  There are two rules for date night though:

1. No talking about home projects (it is actually a hard rule to follow!).
2. No pajamas, sweatpants, lounge wear, or sloppy clothes allowed (we might be at home, but this is a date! Dress to impress the spouse!)

The fun part always seems to be coming up with the menu...
Tonight, Alex had the brilliant menu idea to recreate our favorite dishes from our recent Europe vacation. This included a tartine made of swiss, ham, tomatoes, topped with goat cheese (then baked) we had at Le Terminus in Paris.  (photo below is before baking)

As an appetizer, we are making steamed mussels made with olive oil, garlic, and white wine. Just like the mussels we had at Fife in Split. 
 This is our first attempt making mussels at home!  Keep your fingers crossed!

Now, we just need to keep our 'kiddos' Rocco and Sadie distracted from all the cooking!
Older photo, but it always ends up like this, the kitchen gets crowded fast!  But for the most part Rocco and Sadie make our date night a little more entertaining!

Well, I can definitely say I'm enjoying this Head Over Heels Friday!

What about you?  Do you do 'Date Nights' at home too?

Do you have a favorite recipe or theme for a date night at home?
I'd love to hear more ideas!

Alright, time to go, I think this counts as breaking rule #1 for date night sort of :) plus the wine and food is calling me!