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HaPpY HaUnTiNg From Rocco & Sadie

Kayd Roy4 Comments
There are two things our dogs know about Halloween.  The first of course is dressing up (aka absolute torture) and then being told to sit still for several photos (lesser tortune).  The second is the excitement of new people knocking at the door, over and over and over (which becomes our torture as the dogs go bananas, over and over). Funny how that works out right?

Anyway, we are sharing the cute part of it all, Rocco and Sadie's costumes!  (click here to see last year's costumes)  This year Sadie is a Punk Rocker....

And little Rocco is her Agent, makes sense because he's the bossy one...

Trying to get a good picture of the two of them is difficult, but theses were the least awkward of the bunch.

Hmmm, still looks really awkward, or they are just confused?

We got the costumes at Target just like we did last year.  I thought these costumes might work better for the dogs since they were more simplified (no big parts for Sadie to consider a toy to chew on). We don't dress them up a lot because they never seem to like it, but we have to have a little fun with our 'kids' on Halloween. They end up getting treats too, not candy, but meat flavored chewy ones :)

So, are you lame like us and dressed up your dog for Halloween?
If you did, what were they this year?

I hope everyone is having a fun Halloween so far.  Alex and I are getting ready to hand out candy but first I have to tell you the results of... 
(Top: GALLOWS, Bottom: CHOMPS)

CHOMPS won the title with 17 votes, GALLOWS only raked in a mere 2 votes.

Looks like Alex is planning out next date night, hehe!  I was the mastermind behind CHOMPS, so this marks a 2 year winning streak for me! Oh, and gloating a little bit was fun when the votes started to come in so thank you to everyone that voted!  It made the challenge even more fun for my hubby and I!!!

Enjoy the rest of the evening, be safe, and HAPPY HAUNTING!