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Fence Panels Up. Concrete Slab Down. Just A Bit Closer To A Normal Yard

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Goodness, I feel like we have been juggling multiple projects for a while now.  Are you confused?  I know I am, but I am doing my best to stay on top of it!  We got a couple more things checked off the list over the weekend  though including the fence panels, some concrete, and some stucco.

It is crazy that it was over a month ago when we tore out our smashed chain link fence.  Then about 2 weeks ago we got all of the posts cemented in for the new wood privacy fence.  Well, we finally got around to getting the wood panels up. Talk about a snail's pace on this project!  Ugh! Due to the dwindling daylight hours we are stuck to just weekends now on outdoor projects.  But with the panels up at least we can now see what a difference a privacy fence makes in our yard!

Putting up the fence panels was a 2 man/ woman job (unlike the posts).  So I had to get my hands dirty and help out on this part with Alex.  We put each panel into place and then had to check to see if it was level. Hmmm, it would appear in this photo that Alex had a wedgie for the duration of this project but he assured me this assumption was inaccurate :) HA!
Once the panels were properly aligned and level Alex secured them to the fence post using decking screws.
We continued those steps over and over until the fence started to take shape!
Here's what Sadie was doing while we were working hard on the fence.
We got all the panels up except for the gates because we had the concrete work scheduled for a couple days later...

Mighty fine slab of concrete right? It was put in place of the chunk that was damaged after the tornado when 'Mega Stump' was uprooted.  The stucco on the corner of the garage is also in the works.
I'm just happy we don't have to walk through the dirt like we have been for the past 5 months!

Anyway, the fence project rolls on with only the gates remaining... and a mild weekend in the forecast!  I'm sure this weekend will be a real F-ing good time (get it? F for Fence of course!).

See you Friday for Head Over Heels! It will be a zombie-fied Halloween decor post! 
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