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A Day With Rocco & Sadie, Plus Our (Their) First Giveaway Ever! Pawmetto Treats!

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Most of what you hear about in the Hammers and High Heels world are the home renovation and DIY projects that Alex and I work on.  Aside from those projects, our jobs, daily to-do's, and random social events, there's another part of life here that keeps us pretty busy... our pups Rocco and Sadie! They certainly keep things chaotic interesting around here! Even though they are just considered pets, our busy lives and activities (including our home renovation) definitely revolve around them.  So, I thought it would be fun to take a glimpse into....

A Day With Rocco and Sadie
(followed by their GIVEAWAY!)

5:45 AM: Alex's alarm goes off.  Rocco, eager to start his day, hops up and sits right on Alex's chest to assist in waking him up. Sadie, still in a deep sleep, is picked up by Alex (all 65 lbs of her) in order to wake her. Sadie is never eager to start the day :)

6:15 AM: Breakfast! Followed by playtime, then back to sleep... zzzzzzzz.

7:30 AM: Time to go to work!  Yes, Rocco and Sadie sometimes go to work with Alex, as his company allows dogs in their office (awesome right?).  They even get ID badges...
 8:00 AM (ish): Arrival at the office... Rocco and Sadie are GEEKED (even on Mondays, hehe). Once to Alex's cubical, Sadie cozies up on a blanket, and settles in for the daily grind. Rocco on the other hand pouts continuously until he is picked up and set next to Alex's computer monitor. Odd right??? That's our little boy!

10:00 AM: Excitement wears off... zzzzzzz.... for them, sleeping on the job is acceptable, even right on the desk!
(cell phone photos from Alex while at work)

***Rocco and Sadie don't go to Alex's office every day, sometimes they do stay at home. But lucky for them, I have the ability to work from home on occasion, so they get extra time with me too!***

5:15 PM: Time for exercise!  I take Sadie Sadie takes me out for a run (she can run, and run, and run, and FAST). It is quite a workout! Rocco leisurely strolls with Alex, mainly focusing on marking trees.
6:00 PM: Dinner!  Followed by playtime and squirrel watching....

7:00 PM: Winding down, unless we are in the middle of a bigger house project (we try to squeeze in work during this time) Otherwise, we might be watching a TV show, or...

I try to fit in my blog writing, with the help of Sadie...

while Rocco usually sticks with 'Dad' and will help him work on his bikes.
(not an action photo with the bikes, but you get the idea)

~Rocco definitely favors dad while Sadie is more mom's girl if you couldn't tell~

10:00 PM: Bedtime!  Then it all starts over again!

What a day in the life of a dog huh?!? 

Now, lets get to the GIVEAWAY!!!! Dogs & Cats Included!
Any pet owner can tell you that not every moment is easy, but I do believe that pets can help make your life better and happier.  Their love is unconditional, they are always happy to see you, and they will never argue with you about decorating ideas!

With all the love that our dogs give us, we enjoy giving them the same back in the form of affection and (probably what they like more) treats! We were recently contacted by Pawmetto Treats (perhaps they found a gratuitous Rocco photo?).  Pawmetto loves pets and strives to help them live healthy, happy lives.  They thought Rocco and Sadie would just love their treats so we got some for them to try and well, I think these photo speak for themselves...
Sadie kept snatching the treat bag whenever we would set it down
Ummm, most amazing photo of Rocco ever!!!! He looks like an Ewok or teddy bear right?!? He was working hard for those Pawmetto treats!
They LOVED them and Alex and I felt good knowing they were sourced from 100% all-natural raw USDA inspected meats!  We have found that organic/natural/ raw treats are better for their digestion- something we found out the hard way when Sadie was a puppy (I won't go into more detail).

Want to get your hands on some FREE Pawmetto treats for your DOG or CAT too?!? 
 To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below! That's it! The giveaway will end Sunday, October 9th, and a winner will be randomly selected and announced Monday the 10th!

Remember, this is our first giveaway ever, so I hope you will post a comment to enter!
For more info on Pawmetto, check out their website or Facebook page

Are you curious about Rocco and Sadie's breed?  Rocco is a Shih Tzu (we keep his hair short, also called a 'puppy cut' on Shih Tzu's) and Sadie is a German Shorthaired Pointer.