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A Repaired Garage! Complete With Functioning Roof and Entry Door

Kayd Roy1 Comment
Our garage repairs were finally completed last week!  Woo-hoo!  We now have a roof on it that doesn't have tons of holes so the inside won't get wet anymore when it rains! You know, the whole purpose of having a garage with a roof :)

Here is the 'before' pic from all the tornado damage pictures.  I guess I didn't take many others (our garage is pretty ugly anyway).  But you get the gist of it, tons of shingles came off and some of the wood decking was damaged and left exposed to the elements.
Here is the 'after', ahhh it looks so much better! Well, the roof at least?
I got a couple shots of the Dry Tech guys in action.
 I wonder if they are sick of me taking pictures yet?!?

Another nice update that we got on our garage was a new side entry door.  When the tornado uprooted Mega Stump, it broke out most of the concrete by this entry and smashed the glass window out of the door.  My assumption is that it is the original door to our 1924 garage because it was in really rough shape to begin with.  There wasn't even a doorknob, just a lock, so Alex and I never used this door all that much.  It was also extremely hard to open since the door frame itself was crooked from settling over the years.  It was on our long list of future repairs/ upgrades for the house.
Insurance covered replacing the glass window on the door, but we opted to replace the whole door instead.  Our Project Manager from Dry Tech told us we could get a simple steel door that wouldn't cost us much at all out of pocket.  The door we got is similar to this door from Home Depot.  It is made of durable, galvanized steel and is designed to prevent water absorption, resist rust, and only cost about $100.  Quite a nice upgrade from the other door and we can actually open and close it!  You know, like how most doors are supposed to function :)

I mentioned how the whole door frame was crooked from settling, so that didn't make it very easy for them to install the door.  They had to add some new wood to frame it in so it would fit evenly... and add a lot of spray foam to fill the odd spaces.  Kind of odd looking from the inside, but hey, we have a door that opens, closes, locks, and is weather proof!  Totally awesome!

Overall learning from the garage repairs...
It is the simple, little things that make a big difference! 

Who knew how excited we'd be when we walked into our garage from that new door?  Yep, kind of stupid, but true!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  We got down and dirty with a big DIY project in the backyard....
Tearing out that awful, smashed chain link fence!  Oh yea!  More to come later this week on that experience!