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A Completed Roof, Gutters, Soffit and Fascia!

Kayd Roy4 Comments
It feels like it has been a pretty long time since my last update, but our roof is finally complete along with our new gutters, soffit, and fascia! We also got a few other little problems fixed up (more about that towards the end).  Check out those gorgeous new shingles topping our lil' Dutch Colonial!

Now for a trip down memory lane...
The guys from Dry Tech cut open the hole...
Here we are today!  No hole, new roofing, life is good! 
(sorry, I realize sunset wasn't the best time to take this picture).

Along with the new roof came our gutters, soffit, and custom bent fascia.  Oooo, ahhhhh!
Alex and I were both pretty jazzed about the gutters.  The new gutters and downspouts seem to be a lot bigger and wider than the old ones and they just look a lot nicer than the old ones.
Here is a closer look at our custom bent fascia.  This was one of the things that took a really long time to sort out with our insurance.  That fascia is covering our home's original woodwork.  Normal flat fascia that is on most homes today would have covered the original wood, but we would have lost a lot of architectural charm.  Of course, custom bent fascia is quite a bit more expensive than the flat stuff you can get at a store (hence the insurance hold up).  Anyway, doesn't it look shnazzy?!?!?

In my last post I also mentioned this lovely looking problem.  After removing the old soffit and fascia we discovered a lot of the original woodwork was completely rotted and needed to be replaced.
While we were on vacation this also got repaired.  The rotted wood was torn out and replaced, then the new soffit and fascia was installed.  So much better!

One other problem we found that I didn't mention in the last post was this flat landing on our roof above our slider.  When they tore the roofing off they found more rotted wood.  This likely happened due to the surface being flat and water being able to sit on top of it. 
Our project manager from Dry Tech suggested to correct this problem now (since they were redoing the roofing anyway) by adding a piece of plywood and framing it in to extended the pitch up to the side of our house.  Problem solved!  No more areas for water to sit and seep in!
Nice to see our house in better shape on the outside!

We still have a WHOLE LOT left on our Tornado Repair list.  Our garage roof is scheduled for it's repair and new roofing tomorrow!  I'm looking forward to seeing new shingles on that as well (also for the inside of our garage to stop getting wet when it rains)!  I hope to do a 'before' and 'after' post once that is completed.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!  I'm planning on getting to that little DIY project with that vintage wood caddy this week so I hope to share that soon too!