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Head Over Heels Friday: My Travel Favorites

Kayd Roy3 Comments
Happy Friday Everybody!  For this week's Head Over Heels post I thought I'd share with you some of the things I brought to Europe that made my packing and travel experience easier.  Afterall, we managed to get through the entire trip using only carry-on luggage so I had to be very smart with my packing.  Here are a few 'must-haves' that I brought along with some of the 'fun stuff' I loved having while on our trip.

With using carry-ons only, I had to limit myself to only one pair of heels (I know, crazy, I can't believe I survived on one pair!).  Since it was the end of August, I went with a neutral pair of wedges from Aldo, and they were perfect!  I was able to dress them up or go a bit more casual with them (shown below).  They were also pretty comfortable.  When it came to comfy shoes for all the walking we were doing, I went with Puma Sneakerinas and they were great also, I highly recommend!  I liked their casual look but they also looked cute with the striped dresses I brought along (I didn't feel too nerdy in my comfy shoes which was a plus!).  I had to include those Bandini Bras, I have heard of them before and finally decided to buy them.  They were really handy since you can wear them in multiple configurations - strapless, racerback, and one shoulder.  They saved a lot of space in my bag and I loved having them in Croatia.  I also had to share my love for the Cross Body Chain Necklace.  I wore one with my little black tunic dress on our anniversary and I loved that it looked like part of my dress- they are a fun way to jazz up a dress or drapey shirt!
Probably the item I was most Head Over Heels for was my crossbody tote bag from the Gap.  It was only $60 and it was perfect for the trip, not too big, not too small and held everything I needed (including my heels when I wanted them available when we went out and about at night, but didn't want to walk in them the whole way).  I even love this bag now for the everyday, still fits what I need, even my laptop when I go to and from work. LOVE IT!

I also have to say that the roll up Space Saver bags were a life saver!  We borrowed some from my friend Bryn (thanks Bryn!).  They were a perfect way to save valuable space in our carry-ons and separate our clean and dirty clothes as the trip went along.  Lastly, with any international trip, don't leave with out a electrical converter!  We got one at Target that had all the adapters we needed in the set, this meant that phone, camera charging and my curling iron was fully functional :)

That's it!  Are you Head Over Heels for any of these items too?!?!

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!  Enjoy the last heat waves of summer! I promise it wont be long now until were back to our DIY ways!!!