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Head Over Heels Friday: An Excellent Adventure At Junk Bonanza!

Kayd Roy3 Comments
I had a fabulous time at Junk Bonanza yesterday! I couldn't think of anything else I was more Head Over Heels for this week!  I have to show you what I took home and some of my other favorites I spotted at the ol' JB.

Favorite item of the day?  Hands down it was this necklace that Gretchen from Mimi Toria's Designs surprised me with!  Gretchen designs beautiful, one of a kind jewelry made out of vintage finds.  She and I connected through the blog world after last year's Junk Bonanza, so I was looking forward to meet her in person.  After greeting each other, I was beyond excited when she showed me this...
This was so perfect!  I loved, loved, loved it! Perfect mix of the vintage style I love and a bit of my glam side :) Here is a pic of Gretchen and I with her booth in the background (I'm sporting the necklace as well!).
Thank you again Gretchen!
If you are headed to Junk Bonanza, make sure you stop by her booth located at #256 (see map here).  You have to check out her jewelry, so many beautiful items!  I ended up picking out this lovely vintage styled bracelet.  Isn't it gorgeous?!? 
I love the finish on the links, the stacked charms, and the little bit of ribbon tied on to finish the look. So happy with my one of a kind find from Mimi-Toria's Designs!
Now, back to the other goodies I took home...

I wasn't really on the hunt for anything big for our house considering the whole upstairs is still a mess and repairs haven't started.  So I just picked up a couple things.

This vintage metal Z cut out
And, oddly enough, these antlers.  I know you are probably thinking, "why the heck did she get antlers?"  Truthfully, I don't really have an answer, and no, I am not going to turn our home into a hunting lodge.  I saw a big wagon full of them and thought I could end up doing something fun with them.  I feel like I have been seeing a lot of antlers lately in decor?
Or maybe I just wanted to take this silly picture with them?
Nerd Alert!!!  I'll keep you posted on what happens to those.

That was it!  I didn't buy anything else (I know, wa-wa), but I'm glad I didn't bring home things we don't have room for right now.  The current clutter is already driving me nuts :)  I will share the other items I saw that I was Head Over Heels for though!  Ready, go...

Vintage stacked luggage
Vintage factory carts (a steal for $450 at Junk Bonanza, they sell for $1095 at Restoration Hardware)
Metal letters and numbers handmade from vintage tin tiles
Vintage wood trunks
Framed vintage tin tiles and metal framed tables (again, much cheaper than the ones at Restoration Hardware ranging from $1195-$1995)
Halloween themed wood signs (I kind of want to make some now!)
Lastly, this fun vintage styled Halloween table setting, spooky and cute!

What were you feeling most Head Over Heels for?

Did you go to Junk Bonanza?  What did you think?  What did you buy?!?  I'm all ears!

Have a great weekend everyone!