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Head Over Heels Friday: Decorating With a Side of Mustard Yellow

Kayd Roy2 Comments
Hello everyone!  It's a gorgeous Friday here in Minneapolis, I love early fall weather!

Normally I am not so much a bold color kind of gal, but lately I have been drawn to one color in particular, Mustard Yellow!  I feel like I have been seeing it everywhere, and I'm totally Head Over Heels! Even more interesting, I usually associate this color with very modern/ contemporary decor, but now I see it more and more in traditional/ classic interiors and I'm so drawn to it!  It got me to thinking about decorting with this color somewhere in our home so I started searching for some inspiration online. Here are my favorite interiors with a Side of Mustard Yellow as I like to call it....

I love the muted gray walls mixed with the elegant mustard yellow headboard.  The white bedding and darker gray throw at the end of the bed pull the look together nicely. 
This room's mix is a bit more ecletic with vintage flair.  The lighter blue mixes really well with smaller pops of the mustard yellow.  I love how the red accents both colors, never would have thought of that!
Little Lovables
  I always love plain, bright, crisp, white kitchens.  They always look sophisticated, but I love how the mustard yellow accessories add some fun style to space.  (I love that island table too!).
Decor Pad
This combination is on the bolder side, but this mustard yellow settee against the navy blue wall looks devine!  I love the mix of wall art they featured in this photo as well (even on the door!).
One Sydney Road
The color combo in this image is similar to the first one in this post.  I really love that muted gray mixed with white and mustard yellow.
Scout Design NYC
 These dark gray walls remind me of the color in our Living Room (ours aren't quite that dark).  Maybe I can talk Alex into some mustard yellow furniture?!?! JK, but I love how the contrast looks.
 Lastly, this is quite simple but so elegant, love! I only wish my bathroom were this perfect!

 Are you Head Over Heels for Mustard Yellow too?

I'm really loving that muted gray, white, and mustard yellow color combination.  I feel sort of like it could be fun to use as inspiration for our Master Bedroom redo?  As one accent color? What do you think? 

Hmmm, while we are on the topic, maybe I need to go get these pumps to go with my mustard yellow mood too? I think they'd look cute with some funky tights for fall!
Jessica Simpson Landy Pump: $89.99 Endless Shoes

I will share our sassy new garage roof and door soon!  Have a great weekend everyone!