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Roof Repair Part III: Tearing Off The Old Stuff...and Finding Some Problems

Kayd Roy3 Comments
Last week, we thankfully got that hole in our roof reframed and closed up.  Next up in our roof repair list was tearing off the old roofing in order to put up the new roofing we picked out.  In any situation when even a small portion of your roof is damaged the WHOLE thing has to be redone. 

I guess it is a nice deal that we get out of this situation, especially after seeing this picture Alex took while up on our roof.  Hmmm, those shingles appear to be in really bad shape up close, right?  Which I guess made me a little shocked considering the Truth In Housing information listed the roof being "aged 8 years or less".  Weird, but at least it is all coming off now!  Let the tear down action begin!
As the crew from Dry Tech continued to tear away at the old roof, they began to discover a new issue that would need to be addressed before continuing with the roof.
Given the age of our home and large number of repairs it needs, we knew that we might run into a lot of things that would need to be brought up to code.  For instance, our roof's decking...
The guys from Dry Tech knew right away that our decking was not up to code.  The gapping on the original decking was too large, current building codes require that spacing on decking must not exceed 0.5".  Those spaces are WAY larger than 0.5"  They also informed us that some of our 1924 decking had evidence of water intrusion.

In super speedy fashion, they were able to get some new lumber delivered and started to redo the decking. It had to be brought up to code before they could starting installing the new roofing.

The crew also had to remove our soffit, fascia, and gutters before we get the new ones installed.  Here is where they discovered another isssue. When they pulled away the aluminum surfaces, they discovered that it was covering a LOT of woodwork that was completely rotted through. Yuck! Did we buy a haunted house?!?!
It was a real bummer for Alex and I to see this :(

I guess that's the reality of owning an older home though.  You might never really know the complete inner workings until something needs to be taken apart.  Who knows if it was rotting when the current soffit and fascia was put on or if it happened while it was covered over time?

Thankfully, this also needs to be addressed now.  There is no way they can install new soffit and fascia into rotted wood, so we will be seeing their carpenter out at our house.  Which also means we need to put in a call to our insurance! At least I feel like after all this our house will really be better and safer for us and who ever might live here after us.

On the bright side, the Dry Tech crew kept working throughout the day on the roof after they got the new decking installed.
They were able to get all of the ice and water shield up and most of the roofing done.  It is fun seeing the new look of our roof (and house) starting to take shape!  I think I can hear a roofing stapler in my sleep now too, ha!

Well, the repair adventure continues on!

Has anyone else out there made some scary/ sad discoveries when owning an older home?