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Roof Repair Part I: Attic Insulation Removal

Kayd Roy4 Comments
Today marked the first day of work at our house since the May 22nd tornado damaged our home and property.  I was sooooo overjoyed to see some progress starting!

As I have said many times before, the damage in our Guest Room was the worst!  It was truly sad because this is the room that Kevin and Layla from The Lettered Cottage came and redid for us last September (also check out our Junk Bonanza & filming experience with Kevin & Layla!).  The tornado sent part of a large silver maple tree through our roof and into the Guest Room.
Having a big hole in your house = not good; having a hole in your house for 3 months = very not good and unsettling.  So, our contractor's first order of business for repair out of all the damages is obviously the roof. 

So, welcome to Part I of our Roof Rebuild!
Here is how our once beautiful Guest Room is looking today, sad right?

Before they can tear off our roof and framing to rebuild it, they need to suck out all of the old attic insulation.  Here's a look at the blown insulation that exists today (broken rafters too)...
 Most of the insulation got pretty wet when the storm rolled through after the tree punched through our roof.  So aside from the need to remove it for a complete rebuild the moisture was also a concern.

Now, how do you remove tons of loose blown insulation?  A giant vacuum of course!  Our Project Manager from Dry Tech came by with St Croix Insulation to start sucking out all the insulation.
Those big vacuum tubes went up into the attic...
Down and out of the closet...
 Out the window...
 And finally out to a big contained dumpster.  Can you imagine the mess if that blown insulation was flying around outside?  Ick!
It took about 4 hours to complete, apparently the tubes kept getting clogged by chunks of debris from our roof and the tree.  But finally, the insulation has been removed!  Here's a look of the attic space now (the blue-ish tint of color is from that lovely blue tarp that has been covering the hole).

Part I complete! 

Tomorrow is going to be a BIG day!  Weather permitting the roof will be torn off and re-framed.  The lumber was just dropped off for the framing!  Eeeeek!  It is so exciting!